How to connect FinanceAds to

Push your affiliate transactions from FinanceAds to all your integrations!

FinanceAds is supporting Postback conversion URL's (piggybacking). At the program overview you can set a Conversion Tracking URL for each program. will create this URL for you if you connect the Finance Ads network in your account.

  1. Click on Domains > choose the domain you want to connect FinanceAds with
  2. Click on "+ Connect new network"
  3. Select FinanceAds
  4. Generate the conversion postback URL and copy it to your clipboard!

The URL generated in step 4 must be inserted in your FinanceAds program overview at "Conversion tracking".


Please replace!

Please make sure you'll insert the name of the advertises manually. You can do this by replacing NameOfAdvertiser with the actual name of the advertiser! You can do this with unlimited FinanceAds affiliate programs!

Adding correct sub-id's to your FinanceAds affiliate links

FinanceAds can handle one sub-id in their tracking URL's. Just add &subid=IVANHOE-$10.00$ at the end of the tracking link and you are almost done! As FinanceAds does not yet support currency or amounts in their postback URL's, you need to add the commission between the dollar signs for each tracking link you use. In the example we used 10.00.

Do you use cloaked links?

Just use our API for cloaked links to replace IVANHOE with a correct sub-id and make sure you don't forget to handle the commission amount!

Do you need help?

Feel free to contact us at any time! We are here to help you get started.