How to connect Awin to

Push your affiliate transactions from your Awin account to your Google Analytics reports, realtime!

You can import your Awin affiliate transactions into very easily! 

  1. Just login to your account and click on Media > YourMediaName and click on the Connect Network button (if you did not connect your Awin account yet, just click on the Connect button in the Awin Box and enter your Awin API credentials to connect to your Awin account and click Next). 
  2. You can find your Awin API credentials as following in your Awin affiliate dashboard:
  3. Login to your Awin affiliate account
  4. Go to
  5. Enter your password to get your API key

After entering your API credentials in your account you will get a success message once you connected Awin to your account successfully.

Adding correct sub-id's to your Awin affiliate links

Awin can handle multiple sub-id's in one tracking URL (this is awesome if you are already using a sub-id for other purposes)! Just add &clickref=IVANHOE at the end of the tracking link and you are done! If you are already using a sub-id in your Awin affiliate tracking links (&clickref=IVANHOE) you can just use a second or third one for by adding &clickref2=IVANHOE or &clickref3=IVANHOE (up to clickref6) at the end of the tracking link!

Use your existing sub-id's with sub-id's

If you are already using sub-id's you can use them together with sub-id's. Just seperate the IVANHOE sub-id with a separator like this: IVANHOE-yoursubid

Do you use cloaked links?

Just use our API for cloaked links to replace IVANHOE with a correct sub-id!

Do you need help? 

Feel free to contact us at any time! We are here to help you get started with connecting Awin to your account.