How to connect to

Push your affiliate transactions from your to your Google Analytics reports and Bing Ads Dashboard, realtime!

You can import your affiliate transactions into very easily! Just login to your account and click on Media > YourMediaName and click on the Connect Network button. If you did not connect to your account before, just click on the Connect button in the Box. Just enter your account credentials to connect to your account and click Next.

You will get a success message once you connected to your account successfully.

Adding correct sub-id's to your affiliate links can handle one sub-id per tracking URL. Just add &subid=IVANHOE at the end of the tracking link and you are done! If you are already using a sub-id in your affiliate tracking links you can just type IVANHOE in that same sub-id using a separator. For example &subid=IVANHOE-existingsubid. will get the correct sub-id to match the visitor profile!

ATTENTION! Please beware:

  • that is following the latest requirements to process transactions but does not provide this service as a full supported feature. Therefore we need to inform our customers to use this connection carefully and at their own risk. Any change from can result in a disconnection which can result in transaction import failures.
  • that tries to import transactions as often as possible but is depending on the way handles data queues. Therefore we can't guarantee realtime transaction processing for our connection with
  • that will not show any information based on date and time of clicks that generated a transaction. Therefore transactions will not show up with a date/time of click in the dashboard.

Do you use cloaked links?

Just use our API for cloaked links to replace IVANHOE with a correct sub-id!

Do you need help?

Feel free to contact us at any time! We are here to help you get started.