Ivanhoe.io API for cloaked links

Do you have cloaked links on your affiliate website and want to track your affiliate earnings in your Google Analytics reports? Just use our API for cloaked links in order to connect Ivanhoe.io with your affiliate website and your Google Analytics account! 

A lot of affiliates are cloaking their links to make them Search Engine Friendly, show a waiting screen or because it just looks nicer. So for example http://ds1.nl/c/?wi=187181&si=982&li=1177805&ws= will become http://affiliatewebsite.com/go/advertiser. Ivanhoe.io can work with cloaked links if the affiliate is able to insert the IVANHOE sub id into the affiliate url from a cloaked link. 

How to get IVANHOE sub-id's in cloaked links?

You just need to create AND pass a user session using the Ivanhoe.io API. Just follow the instructions below and you'll get started in no time!

To start using it you need a Developer ID and a password.  You can get your Developer ID and password in your Ivanhoe.io account (Account > API Access). Currently the Ivanhoe.io API has only one resource to track user session. It returns a sub-id that should be passed to affiliate networks.

Allowed methods: POST

Required parameters: 

  • hostname. The hostname of your website with a protocol
  • google_client_id. A google client ID from cookies. Usually it looks like this: GA1.2.111111111.1111111111 and stored on cookies with the key _ga. Make sure you get the ID from _ga cookie and NOT from _gid cookie. They look similar but Ivanhoe.io can only process the ID from _ga.
  • ivanhoe_id. This ID is generated by the Ivanhoe.io Tag (iv.js) and can be found in cookie ivanhoe_id. It looks like this: 1234AbCDivanaB
  • OPTIONAL: to optimize and combine intelligence and data from our iv.js tag that can track sessions anonymously you need to send the parent_sub_id which can be found in our cookie called ivanhoe-parent-sub-id.

The Ivanhoe.io API uses HTTP methods and a RESTful endpoint structure. You can use Basic auth to get access rights.

An example request:

POST /api/v1/session HTTPS/1.1

Host: ivanhoe.io

Authorization: Basic dGVzdDpzZWNyZXQ= (Basic auth)

Cache-Control: no-cache

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body: hostname=https://test.com&google_client_id=GA1.2.111111111.1111111111&ivanhoe_id=1234AbCDivanaB&parent_sub_id=620PBAjfkSivan

Full request URL example: https://ivanhoe.io/api/v1/session?hostname=https://test.com&google_client_id=GA1.2.111111111.1111111111&ivanhoe_id=1234AbCDivanaB&parent_sub_id=620PBAjfkSivan

Use your existing sub-id's with Ivanhoe.io sub-id's

If you are already using sub-id's you can use them together with Ivanhoe.io sub-id's. Just seperate the IVANHOE sub-id with a separator like this: IVANHOE-yoursubid