Optimize your affiliate profits from your Facebook Ads account

Are you an affiliate and are you using Facebook Ads to get traffic to your affiliate website? Then we have good news for you!

With Ivanhoe.io you can automatically load all your affiliate transactions as a default conversion into your Facebook Ads account. This way you can see how much profit you are making from your current and future Facebook Ads campaigns! Create audiences based on people that convert! Write better Ads in order to optimise your profits and enable retargeting to attract returning visitors. Ofcourse you can exclude visitors that converted automatically!

How does it work?

Ivanhoe.io imports transactions from affiliate networks that you use. By means of the sub-ID and your Facebook pixel, Ivanhoe.io recognizes which visitor belongs to the transaction and whether it has come to your affiliate website via an advertisement from Facebook Ads. If this is the case, Ivanhoe.io will push the transaction as a conversion to your Facebook Ads account so you will see the conversion showing up in your Facebook Ads manager. 

What do you need?

1st of all, you need to:

  1. Sign up for a facebook business account (if you did not do this before)
  2. Connect your ad account to your Facebook business account. You can to this in your Facebook Business manager account.
  3. Install your facebook pixel on all of your webpages (if you did not do this already).

To push transactions as conversions to your Facebook Ads account, you need an account with Ivanhoe.io. Then you need to arrange the following:

  1. Connect your affiliate networks to your Ivanhoe.io account
  2. Connect Facebook Ads as Integration in your Ivanhoe.io account by clicking on Domains and the domain you want to connect. Just click on the connect button you'll find under the Facebook logo and insert your Pixel ID, and your Facebook conversions API access token. You'll find these information in your Facebook events manager. The pixel ID is right below the name of your pixel and the access token can be generated from the implementations tab after you have selected the correct pixel. If you are already using the default Purchase event in Facebook for other purposes and don't want to mix up this event with your affiliate transactions, just select another event you want to use. Please note that most default events do not process any values. The following events can handle conversion values: Purchase, StartTrial and Subscribe.
  3. Install the Ivanhoe.io tag on all pages of your website (if you haven't done this already)
  4. At each affiliate link on your website you have to use IVANHOE as a sub-id. If you want to use your own sub-id together with an IVANHOE sub-id, just use a separator! For Example IVANHOE-yoursubid. Do you use cloaked links? Then use our Cloaked Link API
  5. Wait for a transaction with a Facebook Ads Click ID and you can find this realtime* in your Facebook Ads account!

Need help?

Want to know how it works? Do you need help with one of the above steps? Then contact us by chat, e-mail or phone.

*Facebook reporting in Events manager is realtime but it may take up to 24 hours before a conversion is shown in your Facebook Ads manager.