Why we like prosper202, and love Ivanhoe.io

Every affiliate should have come to a point that he would like to know exactly what source, keyword or campaign is bringing in the money! We had this very same question a few years ago, promoting affiliate offers through Google Adwords. We searched the web for solutions and came across Prosper202. It really helped us a lot, showing what keywords were generating us the most profit. After a while we started to expand, building campaigns, tagging links, uploading links and so on. We knew it was worth the time we spent on it but we got stuck at some point. Managing all those campaigns, links and uploads were time consuming and felt not efficient enough.

Why we use Google Analytics

At that time we searched for a more easy solution where we didn't had to upload and restructure links, build campaigns and upload conversions all the time. We spent hours, days and even months to find an easy solution but never found the right product. It was never complete and based on all kind of different tracking systems. It was time to develop a system, based upon a globally known and used tracking system that we could use optimizing our campaigns. Google Analytics was the perfect piece of software to use as it already knows almost everything about your website visitors! We just connect your affiliate transactions to the visitors that actually bought the affiliate product you promote.

Google analytics for affiliate marketers

The only thing we were missing was the connection with affiliate networks so you can see exactly what source, keyword and campaign is bringing in the money! We found out how to connect it and, maybe more important, how to make it available for every affiliate! Ivanhoe.io was born and is now available worldwide, expanding daily.


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